Connecting With Your Clients through Healthcare Case Studies & Conference Materials

Engaging healthcare case studies and conference materials can move millions of dollars in business–make sure yours are effective.

I create case studies, testimonial fliers, case summaries, product/solution sheets, team and executive profiles, hashtag-focused social media promotion etc. for the healthcare conferences as well as any other online and in-person events needed. (Check out some of my case study work for Samsung here.)

Contact me to get started on your case studies and conference materials today (For tips on picking the best client for your case studies, read my article, “B2B Case Studies: How To Identify Your Superstar Client.“)

Case Study/Summary Benefits

~A concise, engaging way to relate the most important value your organization brings

~A simple, relatable format to make business cases, educate your customer base, and present the solutions you bring to your clients’ problems

~Utility in multiple mediums: trade shows, social media, email, website content, webinar materials, press releases, and more

~A fresh, more editorial approach to case studies, that still maintains the professionalism you expect

~A soft sell that hits hard on the core reasons clients should begin, or return to doing business with you

~An opportunity to highlight and boost sales of new, flagship, or lagging product or service offerings

The Case Study Process

A case study should relate special details about your client experience, so interviews are crucial. We’ll begin by specifying the goals you’d like to achieve through the use of your case study, as well as what products, services, and benefits you’d like to highlight. After the core purpose of your benefit-story is established, we’ll begin conversations with your customer, which will kick off the short turnaround time I’m able to bring you as a nimble healthcare content strategy provider.

Case summaries are a lighter version of this. They might not involve a customer interview and can possibly be created based of information you currently have on hand. Case summaries are shorter in length (usually no more than one page) and work well as blog posts or featured items on your website.

Examples available upon request.

The Locutus Difference

My exclusive focus on, and practical experience in healthcare means that I’ll understand your market and the needs of your clients before the process even begins. I specialize in startups, healthcare IT, and revenue cycle management, but can help you with all of your healthcare case study needs.


My business education and experience brings you insight into your needs and connection to your strategic goals that are hard to find in the world of content creation.


My certification in online content means that I’m always on top of changes and developments in the industry, and that I am trained in creating words and visuals that are squarely focused on moving business for you.


I am U.S.-based and a native English speaker.


 Start discussing what you can accomplish through healthcare case studies and white papers today