Take the work out of your healthcare content.

●I’m a certified content strategist focused on B2B healthcare and HIT.

●I have written for brands including HP, Samsung Health, and Forbes as well as various healthcare IT companies and general B2B healthcare organizations.

●I create case studies, articles, website content, product sheets, and newsletters exclusively for B2B healthcare organizations.

●I have over a decade’s experience working in hospital revenue cycle and IT.

●I have an MBA with an international focus and a degree in hospital administration.

●My clients range from revenue cycle companies, to healthcare accounting, professional healthcare education, and tech.

●I’m constantly engaged with influencers and current news in the industry through research, social media, and my content development work.

●I’m insured, certified in online content marketing, and a student of copywriting and direct response marketing.


I’m here to bring you more business by changing the way you connect with online health communities.

A while back, I noticed that healthcare organizations weren’t using their web presences to genuinely connect with customers–most blogs seemed to exist out of pure professional obligation. Organizations invest heavily to create products and services that change the way their current and potential customers address health, but many miss out on the connection opportunities that exist online.

That’s a problem.

Let’s get started talking about your healthcare content project… 


Why a focus on the Internet?

85% of users in the US are online, and Africa held the highest growth rate in 2012 at over 3000%. While healthcare is generally consumed physically, the Internet holds unprecedented possibilities for online interaction, education and awareness. I believe this is where the future of change for health care, and the business of health, lies.

Industry Connection

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Healthcare Experience: My experience in the healthcare industry includes hospital revenue cycle management, patient accounting systems (Epic, Meditech, Invision), claims appeals, contract modeling, off-shore team management, HIPAA compliance, healthcare news research and content creation, CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 and 10 coding and news research, EHR and commercial insurance contracts.

Current Projects: I write on healthcare and information technology at Business Solutions Magazine and Health IT Outcomes. I maintain multiple newsletters, blogs, and website content for various clients.

Regular Reading: 

Working With Me


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Availability: Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM, EST. Extended hours are available depending on your project needs.

What you can expect working with me…

  • An interview: I won’t create anything without talking to you at some level. Your website says a lot, but before any changes are made, we need to have a coordinated perspective on your strategic goals, target market and brand values.
  • Increased engagement: The purpose of the words on your site should be to drive people to take action. That may be through sales, signing up for a newsletter or even just being more likely to buy next time you talk to them (because they really loved your last blog post). The words on your site aren’t just for show, they should create change.
  • Protection: Before we begin work, you will receive a contract that guarantees all content is plaigiarism-free, checked for grammar and errors, and gives you full rights of use. If your business knowledge or processes need protection, I am happy to sign an NDA.
  • Flexibility: I offer a range of options to improve your online voice, but am happy to come up with a custom solution to match your budget and needs.
  • A focus on metrics: Leads, Consumption, Sales or Sharing…we’ll determine which best fits your business goals. It’s tempting (and sometimes beneficial) to watch them all, but we’ll focus in on choosing just one to determine the effectiveness of your content strategy.
  • A long-term relationship: Content strategy is about building relationships with your audience over the long term, and our relationship should reflect that. Your needs for content online aren’t likely constant enough to warrant you opening a permanent position, so while I’m available to start and stop work whenever you need, I’m also working to create a long-term understanding of your business needs so that I can bring you benefit whenever you’re ready.

So shoot me an email or give me a call if you’d like to talk more about what I can do for you.