I need better awareness of my healthcare tech brand…

Customers are much more likely to sign on if they’re already aware of who you are…that’s why you see so many of the bigger healthcare brands invested in discussing trends and news that reflect positively on their products and innovations.

They do this through the use of…


  • Blogs on topics their target decision-makers will find informative and share-worthy. (Get your healthcare tech blog moving again here.)
  • Articles to establish their brand as thought leaders in their segment of the industry.
  • News Posts to position themselves as connected to the healthcare industry.
  • Newsletters that offer prospects a reason to share their contact information and attention over time.


To launch this new phase of your content presence, we’ll sit down to discuss your goals, identify your key buyer personas, their pain points, the key benefits you offer and then determine calls to action and messaging that best aligns with your business goals.

Want to see what that could look like for you? Here’s a live look at some of the work I’ve done for various healthcare brands?

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If you want to start building awareness for your healthcare brand, contact me in the box at the bottom right or shoot me a message and we’ll get the conversation started.