Convincing your prospects that your mobile solution comes out on top (and is better than doing nothing at all) takes time, a focus on key decision-makers and pain points, and clear communication.

If you’re an mHealth company looking to connect with hospitals, providers, or other healthcare organizations you should be enhancing your long-term strategy with content in the form of


  • Case studies that tell your winning stories and position you as the hero
  • White papers that convey the key information decision-makers need to understand the benefits you offer
  • Blogs that strategically highlight your products and deal-making features
  • Emails that take advantage of contacts collected by your sales team to nurture leads and build a healthy client base


Because of the nature of mobile, the appropriate tone can range from light-hearted and conversational to the seriousness that’s expected in many corners of healthcare. I’ve worked with mHealth companies for years in creating and enhancing content presences that brought in more business and increased their profile and trust in the hard-to-crack healthcare industry.


My Work

Case Study: Mobile behavioral health platform partners with leading device provider to improve patient outcomes.

This project involved multiple interviews to not only understand the intended outcome of the study, but also the hidden ways in which applying a mobile solution impacted caregivers, patients, and their families. The result was a picture of a dementia and Alzheimer’s community that was changed through the use of a forward-thinking, patient-centered app. (View study)

Article: Consumerization and Mobile Health: A Continuing Evolution

Article designed to drive readers to Samsung’s “Smart Patient Experience” and establish the brand’s presence in the mHealth space

Press Release: mHealth company announces collaboration with industry leader

Article: mHealth Security Finds An Answer From Hearing Aids




Other mHealth projects include:

  • Text-based patient engagement platform for hospitals: case studies, mini case studies, press releases, website content
  • AI communication platform for specialty clinics: white papers