Navigating the long software sales cycles in healthcare is daunting, but a strategic content presence can make it easier. When you’re selling SaaS solutions it’s critical to nurture long-term relationships with healthcare decision-makers with content including…


  • Newsletters that keep your prospects connected and informed, and give them to option to buy when they’re ready
  • White papers that educate your readers on the topics and challenges your software addresses
  • Case studies that position your product squarely as the solution to their problems
  • Blogs that strategically highlight your products and carefully sell key features
  • Sales collateral that eases the work of your sales team and builds a base of informed customers


I’ve worked with SaaS companies ranging from learning platforms to referral management, coordinating with founders and marketing staff to build content campaigns that enhanced strategy and supported sales tactics over time.


My Work

Regular contribution of long-form articles on the topics of ICD-10, HIPAA, healthcare marketing, ACOs, etc.