I need to treat our existing customers better…

We all know that a customer in the hand is worth many more than two in the bush, but what is your organization doing to keep today’s customers happy?

Your marketing strategy should include efforts to make sure that your existing customers know you’re listening, are getting the most out of your products and services, and are aware of every upgrade, update, and notice that you have to send out.

You do this through…

  • Newsletters that position you as a source of information and support.
  • Product Tip Sheets and Guides that ensure your customers understand how to best apply the investment they’ve made with you
  • Surveys and Response-generating Emails to provide continuous and proactive insight into your customer experience.

And if you want to go deeper? I partner with healthcare marketing research professionals who can provide you with detailed, actionable feedback on your products, features, and customer impact.

If you want to start harnessing the benefits of a more proactive relationship with your existing customers, contact me in the box at the bottom right or shoot me a message and we’ll get the conversation started.