I need more implementations of my software…

Content will always be king in healthcare. 

Every implementation starts with a conversation, and these days, even in healthcare, most conversations start with content.

The conversations your business development team is having should be enhanced by supplemental content that moves buyers along the sales funnel, increases conversions, and drives business. Ideally, you should be incorporating content including…

  • Lead-generating Emails to kick off conversations with decision-makers and influencers.
  • Focused Blogs to feed your sales funnel (learn more about how blogging should work for healthcare tech here)
  • Product Descriptions and FAQs to help build an informed batch of prospects, ready to buy.
  • Case Studies to help prospects envision their own business problems resolved with you positioned as the hero.
  • Newsletters to continue the conversation across the long healthcare tech sales cycle.
  • Technical Content Pieces that help prospects have competent internal discussions and get buy-in when they most need to.

Existing customers represent a wealth of business opportunity and have their own content needs such as…

  • Educational Materials to ensure that they’re getting the most out of your products.
  • Email Newsletters to keep them up-to-date on upgrades, updates, and changes, as well as collect your best client stories.
  • News to continually position you as more knowledgeable of their business challenges than any competition they might be considering.

If you want to see more implementations as a result of investing in your content presence, send me a message in the box at the bottom right or shoot me an email and we’ll get the conversation started today.

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