If you’re a cybersecurity company looking to connect with CIOs and decision-makers in data-oriented healthcare organizations you should be enhancing your long-term strategy with content in the form of…


  • White papers that educate your readers on the security challenges they face (and likely don’t even realize)
  • Case studies that position your security products and services as the solution to an increasingly complex cybersecurity environment
  • Blogs that strategically highlight your products and security-enhancing features
  • Emails that take advantage of contacts collected by your sales team to nurture leads and build a healthy client base


My practical background not only in healthcare, but as personally responsible for the security and HIPAA compliance for a remote office that managed data for dozens of hospitals across the country means that I understand the challenges of your clients on an intimate level.

In addition to an MBA and degree in hospital administration, I am continually educating myself on the current state of security and information technology in the industry through HIMSS webinars, cybersecurity courses and other materials.


My Work


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